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What’s good y'all, it’s Christopher Williams aka Sea Will. As a northwest native, I was born in Portland, Oregon but split my time between here and Southern California. Regardless of where I was, I always had a passion for technology, entertainment, and culture. This helped to shape my future and focus. Higher education, community organizing, and a wide range of work experiences allowed me to develop my interests even further. Now, I own and operate two distinct businesses that represent a combination of all my passions and skills: 

Passive Income Network is a business of podcasting, cryptocurrency, music, and other digital media. This is a service based business that is focused on building a global network, providing education as well as digital goods. 

Black Love Hats is a hat store that promotes Black love, ownership, and self-reliance. This company is rooted in culture and connected to Portland with the St. John’s Bridge on the logo representing where I grew up. Black Love Hats can be found locally but are accessible everywhere online.  

I love to connect so get at me! @seawillpdx

Photo Credit: Rose City Photography